birthday, group, and teambuilding packages


Do I need to fill out a waiver form before playing at the field?

Yes! Any player (minors and adults) or even a spectator in the mask on player areas needs to have a waiver form filled out! Our electronic waivers stay on file for up to 1 year.

Is paintball safe?

Yes, and safer than you realize! There are more injuries sustained playing golf then playing paintball on a commercially run, safe field, where safety is strictly enforced. Research published by the Minnesota Paintball Association has argued that paintball is one of the statistically safest sports to participate in, with 20 injuries per 100,000 players annually and these injuries tend to be incidental to outdoor physical activity (e.g. trips). 

Does the paint stain?

No! Because we use plant based, biodegradable paintballs and paint easily washes out of clothing. However, we recommend you wash your clothes as soon as you get home. Letting any sort of dye sit on your clothing for an extended period of time is asking for trouble! 

Does the "Walk-On" package (Air, Admission, and Basic Rental - $45) include paintballs?

YES! Our package includes 100 rounds totally free! 

Does it hurt when you're hit with a paintball?

This is probably one of the most often asked questions we receive. How much a paintball hurts often depends on how much padding or protection you wear. If you are only dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, you can expect anything from a light sting to a tougher impact, while a sweatshirt or other thick clothing will help reduce these effects.  We recommend a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and comfortable running shoes. Any hits on exposed skin will naturally sting more!   However, often times you’ll discover that due to adrenaline you didn’t feel the hit at all! 

Can I bring paintballs that weren't purchased from Red Dot West?

No! The reason we don't allow outside paint comes down to two reasons...

1)  Safety:  We need to control what type of paintballs are being shot at our guests, the only way to do this is by only allowing house paint.   


2)  Environment:   We only use plant based paintballs, which are safe for the environment and are biodegradable.  Cheap paintballs found at most big box stores are full of nasty oils which are bad for the environment and will STAIN your clothes!

BUT WAIT... There's more?

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover and cash! Unfortunately, we do not accept checks - Sorry for any inconvenience! We do take Canadian funds :)  

How long does it take to get to the park from Bellingham?

Typically the drive takes around 25 minutes from Bellingham to the park located at 2149 East Badger Rd. in Lynden. From the Canadian border it’s only a few miles. 

If it rains/is snowing at the park, will you be open?

Yes! We’re open rain or shine, Saturday and Sunday.

How long can I play at the park using a basic rental package?

 All day! You’re able to use your rental package from the time the park opens (around 9:00) until the time the park closes (around 6:00). 

What's the minimum age someone has to be to play paintball/airsoft? Low Impact?

The minimum age a player has to be is 10 years old for paintball and airsoft (all exceptions must be approved from Red Dot Management)! Low Impact players can be AS YOUNG AS 7 YEARS OLD!

What days of the week are your "Walk-On" sessions?

Tuesday-Sunday we are open for "Walk-On" play

birthday, group, and teambuilding packages