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Red Dot West

Our primary objective here at Red Dot West is to ensure once you arrive at the field, you’re not only well taken care of, but have BIG FUN! Our staff does it’s best job to create an environment that is fun, exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. We do our best to ensure that games run back to back and that no one is sitting around waiting for the next game to start. Red Dot West is all about non-stop action and our refs work hard to make sure that players aren’t sitting around when a game should be getting played! 

They’ll help to ensure the games are played fairly (with no cheating!) and teams are well weighted (this means all the good players can’t be on the same team) and beginners have a great time! 

We love paintball. We love the thrill and excitement that the sport brings and are passionate about sharing the experience with others. Using the best in rental equipment and fun and exciting field layouts, we strive to deliver an experience that will leave you wanting more and something that you’ll be talking about for years! We’re all about creating experiences that are unforgettable here at the park! 

So you’ve decided to come out to the park and play some amazing paintball, congratulations!


Now the big questions…what do you wear, bring out to the park, etc.

Here’s a list to make your job easier!

Here’s a short list of the items we recommend people bring.

  • Layers – Be sure to dress in layers. You’ll get hot fast! We recommend a t-shirt, sweatshirt and possibly a jacket. After playing a few games you’ll be taking off that jacket in a hurry. For pants, we recommend loose fitting jeans.
  • Hand/Neck – The areas of the body you think would hurt getting hit by a paintball will hurt when you get hit. We recommend you bring a good set of gloves (or you can rent a set from us) and wear a hooded sweatshirt.
  • Garbage bag – You’ll most likely have a lot of dirty clothes when you pack up at the end of the day.  Put them in the garbage bag!
  • Bring water and an ice cooler on hot days. We do have water and pop for sale in the clubhouse but we don’t have running water or electricity in the building to refrigerate food and drinks.
  • We recommend you DO NOT wear the following: shorts, flip flops, track pants, no-t-shirts.

The Drive There

As you drive down East Badger Rd you’ll want to be sure to keep your eyes open for our property since it sneaks up on you fast. The property is located roughly 2.2 miles past the 2nd roundabout (where the Shell gas station is located) on the right hand side.

Be looking for two orange cones (about 4 feet tall) and a folding GoBig Paintball sign. These are spaced out to help people find our field. We realize it’s a tough spot to find so hopefully these help!

Once you turn down the driveway, you’ll enter a beautiful wooded area where after a short drive down the road (about 1,000 ft) you’ll enter our property.

Once there, turn right to enter our parking lot.

Getting Ready
The first step is the waiver. All participants are required to have a waiver on file. If you haven’t filled an online waiver out, you can either do it on your phone or do it inside the park club house on one of our ipads.  Be sure if you come with a group and are paying together, that all waivers are filled out prior to arriving. This saves everyone time and gets you out on the field playing quicker!

After the waiver has been filled out, the next thing you need to decide is how much paint you’ll be needing, etc.

  • How much paint do I need?
    Usually a case of paint (2,000 balls) will last 2 people about 2 solid hours of playing)
  • Do I need any extra BIG items like paint grenades, smoke bombs, etc?
    If so, please be sure to ask the person behind the counter.
  • Am I paying separately or with my group?
    Please be sure to tell the person behind the counter.

After you’ve been rung up you’ll receive a silver wrist band (this also serves as your return pass to the park! Simply come back anytime within the next 2 weeks and receive a free rental package…all you pay for is $10 for air and purchase paint…it’s a killer deal!).

Safety Lecture and Forming Teams
After you’ve successfully checked in and received your wristband, the next step is to receive any rental equipment (gun/mask/air tank) and then you’ll watch our safety video.  Upon initially receiving your equipment you’ll watch our safety video on how to properly operate the gun/marker, how to always wear your mask while on the field and to always use your paintball barrel bag when not playing.

After this initial safety review, you’ll then be shown how to fill up your paintball air tank (it’s incredibly easy using our self fill stations!).

After you’ve shown that you can fill your own air, you’ll then be moved outside where you’ll be given a brief safety lecture. This lecture typically takes around 2-4 minutes and goes over a lot of the same rules you heard on the safety video inside, but also goes into more detail on how to play specific games, what to do when you’re hit by a paintball, and more. By the time you’ve finished this safety lecture you’ll be confident and ready to kick some paintball butt!

Safety, safety, safety.
You’ll hear us go over the safety rules more times then you’ll like to hear but it’s for your own protection! After the safety lecture has been given you’ll then be split up into two groups.

These groups will be evenly split between both experienced players and non-experienced players. This way, teams are even, and no one group has an unfair advantage.

After the groups are formed, it’s then off to go play some paintball!


birthday, group, and teambuilding packages