Additional Information

 Pre-Registration is now open. Red Dot West is hosting the annual 24 hour game. We can't wait to see and meet all those that have supported the field from Semper Fi Days, Go Big Days and now continuing the tradition, Red Dot West.

24 Hour Game Registration Now Open, September 22 & 23, 2018!
Must Pre-Register prior to September 19, 2018 for Discounted Registration!

Register for Team Red/Blue or For Hire (for hire players can play on either team depending on numbers).

All Camping on a first come first serve basis and subject to availability. Camping is a suggested donation of $10 per night.

Markers, full auto allowed up to a maximum of 12.5 BPS. Chrono at 280 FPS for day games and 250 FPS for night games.

Register individually or groups. .

Total points gathered for the two game days will win the event. We cannot stress enough that the event is intended on having good days of paintball with less emphasis on the winning team. We are all here to have fun. All prizes will be made at the end of Sunday and you must be in attendance to win.
This event is for all skill level of players.
Registration is open. Pre-registration saves you $$. Pre-Registration closes and day of play prices will be in effect. Prices are:
Pre-Registration $25/Player (includes both days of admission + rental if needed) Please reserve your rental. Air is $22 for the weekend and pre-paid paint saves you $$. Paint Prices $54 for Field, $64 for Upgraded. Field Paint Only!
Day of Play $39 for weekend, $25 for single day. Includes rental if needed. Air $11 per day. Paint prices $59 for Field, $69 for Upgraded.

Minimum 1 case for each player registered.

Camping Gates open Friday at 5:00 PM., Saturday open at 7:00 AM, play at 8:30 AM, Sunday open at 8:00 AM, Play starts 10:00 AM.